Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer's End...

... as the summer draws to a close, a little nostalgia set in and I was reminded of those stress-free, summers of my childhood. For three years I went to an amazing summer camp in the north of Spain, where activities included hiking, cooking and sailing classes, so finding out about the Surf Shack truly brought those memories back.

The idea behind the Chandelier's Surf Shack is pretty simple, create a beautiful space for friends and family to gather, a escape from all the stress and a reminder of our summer camp days.

I love everything at the Shack, from the small details... the humor in the decor...

... the influence of nature throughout the place...

...and the kitschy 1970's surfer decoration style...

... but the best part has to be the amazing outdoor space.

Want to know what the Shack's yard has? A cushiony dock: check!

...wonderful bench sitting for outdoor dinners: check!

aaaanddd... teepees (or tipis, as you wish)!

... plus a BBQ pit to make the perfect S'mores.

This place is like every kid's - and grown-up kid's- dream, right?


(all images here and here)


  1. The surf shack looks amazing, but then again anything with a teepee will win me over. This place just looks like a dream and so does your summer camp experiences.

  2. This place looks amazing! I love how retro it looks. Makes me want to spend a whole summer there!

  3. awwwwwwwwww the bench and the beautiful pit!! Those are on my top 2 must have list for my backyard!

  4. Wow wha a delightful combination of decor! The dock is the best part!

  5. i wish Miami's summer was coming to and end sooner... it's just too hot in here!

  6. this is so much fun! i love the teepee's!

  7. oh i love those teepees & that last image with the sun gone down & the camp fire is so welcoming.

  8. It's definitely my dream! I'd love to camp in teepees with friends. I know there are some warm days ahead still, but the really good summer ones are gone, aren't they...

  9. Enough though 'officially' summer doesn't end until the 21st, I miss summer already!! LoL


  10. Love this place's style. The idea of summer camp for adults is up my alley.. and the surfer decor? Can't get enough!

  11. I love all of these pics :) I love fall though so I am feeling good about saying bye to summer

  12. Summer camp for adults! I love it!

  13. Beautiful images! SO sad that Summer is coming to an end!


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