Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Keep Calm...

and carry on.

I have always loved that simple saying and this week with a car break-down, being swamped at work and (worst part) my mac suddenly crashing- and it's a hard-drive issue!- I have definitely had to repeat it to myself a few times. Of course, nothing better to cheer me up than Sex & the City re-runs on T.V and taking a look back at some of my favorite Carrie Bradshaw outfits. So keep calm and "Carrie on"!

Iconic Carrie outfits
the Tutu that started it all!

...and the form fitting Galliano newsprint dress worn as Carrie left the restaurant after facing Big's ex-wife. And unforgetable moment for sure.

Laid back Carrie:
During all six seasons it was rare to see Carrie in a pair of jeans, but when she wore them she always looked super chic-cool, such as this outfit.

And of course, the relaxed outfit paired with Manolos. "The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun"
Carrie in Vintage:
I can't think of any other T.V character that has made vintage happen in the way Ms. Bradshaw did. I loved how the styling for the show would include pieces such as the one above, a 7 dollar second-hand dress that still looked so stylish.

 Carrie + vintage Halston = a match made in style heaven.

And from one of the earlier episodes, Carrie wearing a vintage nurses cape. This is one of the things that I think the movies got so wrong, they totally departed from Carrie's cool mix of cheap vintage finds and glamorous couture.

Carrie in Paris:
Speaking of glamorous.... I think every outfit from the Paris episodes was truly amazing. It is hard to pick favorites, but I really love the syling of the girly Carolina Herrera polka dot dress with the fitted black coat and gorgeous white round-toed shoes. Impecable!

And of course, the Eiffel tower, a mixture of black and white stripes and those gorgeous bouncy curls... what could be more Parisian chic?

Hope you are all having a calm and peaceful week.



  1. she seriously has some amazing styles going on! I like her in vintage :)

  2. The newspaper print dress and the beautiful outfit from Paris are my favorites! They look stunning on her! xoxoxo

  3. Keep calm and Carrie on! Love that. I can't believe you know exactly what looks match what scene in the show!? You definitely know your stuff. lol.

  4. i love your new twist on the "keep calm carry on" sayings. "carrie on!" i'm always so inspired by carrie's style whenever i watch old satc episodes. my absolute favorite outfit of hers ever was that last photo with the stripes in paris. oh so gorgeous!

    i hope things start working out for you and life decides to give you a week full of wonderful things to make up for all the trouble it's caused you!


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