Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Friday!

This being my post #50 -I know for the blog veterans it must sound like nothing!- I wanted to celebrate the weekend and also share a great, although often forgotten, moto: stop. and smell the flowers.

And spend some time enjoying the great outdoors...

....whether ocean or mountain side

Maybe enjoy a mini cupcake or two

Some wonderful recipes here and here.

Have a lovely weekend!

(images thanks to weheartit)


  1. that sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend! i would love to get outside this weekend. maybe a walk in the park overlooking the city. or a little drive to the coast. thanks for the great inspiration!

  2. Forget mini cupcakes -- I'm making a whole cake! What a lovely reminder for the weekend. And happy 50th post! (Can you believe I'm coming up on 1000?) Happy weekend, Pilar!

  3. Weekends are all about taking in small pleasures! And those mini cupcakes look so delicious! Perfect snack for me :-) xoxoxoo

  4. Congratulations You are going so well. Your posts are so beautiful and inspiring keep up the good work!!! xox

  5. OMG those are such a dreamy photos. Especially the 4th one:) Enjoy your Friday, sweetie


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