Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday's Best: Be Healthy, Be Green

- This article in the NYT about the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, got me thinking about the impact that many things I love have on the environment, such as fashion, so this week’s Sunday's Best post will focus on being healthy both towards our own bodies and to our planet (also, props to my former law school Duke for being part of SAC!

- For a few year now I have tried to do a good amount of my grocery shopping at local stores. Luckily, in the last few places where I've lived there's always been at least one good farmer's market. If you are on the hunt for local produce, Local Harvest is a great source! Their web-site has cool features like this email list where they will send you update e-mails notifying you of foods in your area available  through local or pick-up at the farm

- And if you are less of a cook and more of the eating-out foodie why not try some farm-to-table restaurants in your area?  You can find some great places here and here

- Lastly, being good to mother-earth does not have to come at the expense of  good style. Sustainable fashion lines keep increasing in number, popularity and quality. The very talented, Carrie Perry is a perfect example of a designer who is socially conscious and totally stylish. Below a few of my picks (via echo-chick)



  1. Those outfits are gorgeous!! I agree I try and purchase local products, much better all round I say have a lovely week.

    Thank you for your kind words and feature xox

  2. oh i love this! so many great ways to take better care of our planet in our daily living. i really love finding sustainable fashion designers. green clothes often feel better on the skin too, have you noticed? i love it.

  3. Ooo, I just adore that first dress. Wow.
    And Duke law...I'm jealous (as I am going to be applying to CA law schools this autumn).

  4. It's always a great idea to be self-conscious about environment when you're buying clothes or food. I love the collection! Very pretty and chic! xoxoxoo

  5. who says sustainability is not fashionable??? love it!

  6. i've never heard of farm to table restaurants, that sounds interesting!


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