Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday's Best.

Here we go! A medley of my favorite things from the week:

If you are missing Mr. Drapper as much as I am, this slideshow will make you laugh and seriously gasp over the amount of drinking that took place in those offices!
-Matt is a foodie, a world traveler and someone who loves to stuff tortillas with anything and everything imaginable. We might be soulmates!
- And the logical step to follow up a food link is... a wine link! These wine stories are touching and truly remarkable... There's still a day left to vote for your fave.
- Still need some ideas for a Halloween costume? The folks at came up with some great fashion-inspired ideas.
- And how about some home decor inspiration, A Home in 600 squared feet... turns out 600 squared feet is plenty to make a fabulous home:

(image thanks to: NYT)
gorgeous right?


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  1. Wow! Really great links! I'm still reading the wine stories! And that room makes me feel like I need to be more creative with my furniture :-) xoxoxoxoo


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