Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Morning Inspiration: the Crew

J.Crew has some great inspiration for work wear that is anything but boring! Their pieces are often very classic yet retain a level of sophistication, clicking through their website is easy to plan an ideal work wardrobe.  Some of my top picks:

A simple silhouette
Neutral on neutral
Flashy details
Happy Monday!



  1. first of all, i LOVE j. crew clothes! unfortunately they rarely fit me (i'm not very tall or blessed in the booby department), but i love them just the same. secondly, i'm so happy you found my blog and said hello so i could come find your blog! it's so fun and full of beautiful things. living in costa rica must be full of amazing adventures!

  2. I've had to tailor some clothes from J Crew before... I'm definitely a shorty! but i totally love them, specially when they are on sale :) And yep, I can't really complain about living in CR


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