Monday, October 18, 2010

Cover War: November Vogue(s)

For November, two of my favorite covers come from Vogue.

I have not been very impressed with Vogue's covers lately. While I thought Carey Mulligan looked lovely in the October U.S cover, it was not a particularly special photograph. As far as the September covers go, I thought Halle Berry was pretty forgettable (sorry!) and although Kate Moss looked fab in the Brit September issue, it was also rather predictable that they would choose her. All of this to say that I am quite happy to see not one, but two, great covers from this glossy in the month of November: British Vogue with Ms. Lara Stone and U.S Vogue with Ms. Anne Hathaway.

It's interesting that both magazines look so Christmassy, with the red colors and gold details. But besides that, they really do not share much in common. And I am really liking that the two magazines have used such different photographs. Lara's cover is very high fashion: the bleached brows, the positioning of the hands and focus on Lara's unusual beauty. On the other hand, Anne's cover is so romantic... it could be a painting! The big smile and princessy gown are a huge contrast to Lara's look. 

All in all, two major hits. Which is making it hard to decide who wins this cover war...for me, it's a draw!

(Images thanks to: Vogue and British Vogue)



  1. can't wait to receive my new issue... have a nice week!

  2. I know, I'm really looking forward to the editorials this month... enjoy your week as well :)

  3. Anne Hathaway takes away the prize for me. I adore her dress so.


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