Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday's Best.

A second round of some of the best things I came upon this past week and some great books/exhibits that will be uncovered during the next week:

This, Show us Your Parts, contest is a strange (and hilarious) idea but the price, your weight in art books, is pretty amazing.
- I love the NYT “36 Hours In…” series and this particular one totally makes me miss sunny So-Cal.
- And speaking of So-Cal, I can’t wait for Los Angeles in Maps to come out in print. Totally speaks to my inner-nerd.
- John Baldessari was a pioneer of conceptual art and the Met’s upcoming exhibition, John Baldessari: Pure Beauty, is an amazing opportunity to see the evolution of his art. A few of my favorite images below:
The Overlap Series: Jogger (with Cosmic Event)
Kiss/ Panic
Floating: Color
(Images thanks to: The Met)


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  1. Awesome links!! I wish I could be in California right now! xoxooxxoo


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