Monday, October 18, 2010

"And if they poured champagne, it must have been while I was pushing the mail cart."

Any  Mad Men fan will recognize that quote immediately. Joan, as usual, with her quick and snappy wit in one of the best scenes of Sunday's season finale.
And what an amazing season it was! I think this season re-focused on all the things that made me such a huge fan of the show: great story lines, Don's struggles and screw ups and of course the inside workings of Madison Ave. And as it is standard for this show, the costuming was spotless. So to commemorate the end of another great season here are a few of my favorite looks and scenes from the season.

      This is a picture from the first episode of the season. I really like Don's stripped 
      tie and dark blue suit. A nice change from the all black suits, and one to match 
the new agency.
And of course, who can forget Don's visit to CA? The whole scene was perfectly 
set up to stress Don's playboy charm: his crisp white shirt, classic sunglasses and
the red convertible.
     Although the character Bethany Van Nuys was a minor one, she truly stole the 
most glamorous crown away from Betty. This dress is simply beautiful and her
up-do makes the look really glam.
     The breakthrough star of this season was definitely Sally Draper. Kiernan Shipka, 
is such a talented girl! And I love this rather sweet plaid summer dress. Here's 
hoping that Sally will continue to get a lot of screen time on the next season.   
       I think this reddish-pink and softly printed dress was my favorite Joan look of the 
       whole season. She truly looks amazing wearing colors in the red-pink palette.
     I am a big Peggy fan, despite being occasionally too judgmental, I think
Peggy's search for herself and her willingness to stick to what she loves no 
   matter what,  is rather admirable. And while her sense of style isn't as attention 
grabbing as some of the other women's,  I really like her in this hat and the 
details on the collar of her coat are adorable.
The closing scene of the episode: The Beautiful Girls was pure genius! 
Three women in an elevator...sounds simple enough, but so much about
each of these women could be discerned from that scene. And a major part
of that is the contrast between their three outfits. 
Betty's wardrobe this season was probably the most strikingly different from 
seasons past. Gone were the dreamy and pristine dresses and gorgeous night 
gowns. Pretty much every outfit Betty wore this season hinted at one word: icy. 
The reason why I like this dress is because it is reminiscent of the old Betty (the 
shape and pleating) but the color palette is completely in tune with the new Betty, 
colder and perhaphs evens adder and more lost than before. 
   One of my favorite, if not my favorite, relationship in the show is that between 
  Joan and Peggy. So, it is no surprise that one of my favorite scenes from the whole
   season was the little talk the two women shared afterDon's big news. I really 
  love how they are both wearing stark and dark outfits which deeply contrast 
 Megan's bright coral dress during that same sequence. " Oh come on, that's 
bullshit" is probably in my Top 5 Mad Men moments.

(all images thanks to: AMC)

Awh, I am definitely going to miss all the characters until next season. Thank goodness for vureel! And to end this post the same way the season ended here is a little Sony and Cher... what a great choice for the closing scene of Season 4!



  1. i love this post!!! i was shocked at the wedding news and the baby news on the last episode... great analysis!!!! Betty has become the biggest bitter bug of them all!!! can't wait for next season

  2. I agree, I was also shocked at the wedding news! Even for Don it was a hasty decision, but I'm really curious to see how they develop Megan's character. thanks for the comment!

  3. I need to start watching this show. Really. Maybe over winter break I can catch up.


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