Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday's Best: NYFW & a Bit More...

...So N.Y fashion week has come and gone, and while I try to pick my favorite collections and compile them into a workable post, I thought I would share some fashion week related posts plus a few other great finds.

- Happy, smiling models? Yes, apparently they exist at Carolina Herrera & Marc Jacobs backstage.
- While this year there were some truly amazing collections, there are some things that are best left for the runway like these 10-do-not-try-at-home looks.
- The one thing that is just as interesting as what styles are being shown at the shows, is what styles are being worn to see the shows... so if you need some fashion inspiration head over here for great on-the-street NYFW styles.

And in order to not overdo the fashion week links, here are three other things I loved this week:
- These beautiful eco-friendly candles (first seen in Design Crush)
- Plants growing on your kitchen table, well yes!
- And a perfect treat for a Sunday mornings, this delicious pancake recipe.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a good start to a new week!

(image here)


  1. Oh love those candles...and eco-friendly? Amazing. Hope you had a nice weekend!

  2. Oh, it's so good to know that smiling models do actually exist! Haha. They normally look so withered and sad :(

    Thanks for the pancake recipe link. I've been dying to try lemon and ricotta pancakes for ages now.

  3. All I saw was the picture of the pancake and came rushing over. I'm a sucker for a pancake!!

  4. Oh I love your Fashion Week related links ♥

    Nice pancake image ♥

  5. Loving your blog. And yay for Fashion Week.

    And can I just say, it's 1:00 am where I am...and all I want to do is go make some pancakes now. Mmm...delicious.


  6. wow!! in my dream indoor outdoor room, the one that will have amazing light I will have to include one of those tables xox

  7. Yay to heart pancakes!

    p.s. Wouldn't it be cool to go to Patagonia?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. Yesss, patagonia sounds so amazing!


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