Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday's Best: Beautiful Design

Since I am a bit of a nomad (I haven't lived in the same apartment for longer than a year since '04) it is hard to invest in large pieces of home decor or furniture. However, in the past years I have tried to start gathering small beautiful pieces for when I finally settle down and make a house into a home. Although most of my small treasures come from my travels, this week I have found several beautifully designed pieces that are definitely going on my to-buy list for that eventual settled-down-home.

- As an avid coffee drinker, a good bean and a good coffee brewer are always on my to-find list. Chemex coffee makers are the most divine combination of good coffee and amazing design. I covet one of them!
- I love how art and inspiration can come together in even the most mundane pieces, this slide-show on stylish magazine racks is exactly on point.
- Trips to the beach can easily turn into a manic attempt to pack too-many things and often lack in style, however, these "sombrillas" are a lovely way to stay cool and amp-up any beach get-away
- Another stylistically neglected event is a trip to the laundry mat .... But doing laundry can become a little more glamorous with these classy laundry bags from Zara Home
- Bikes might not technically qualify as "small treasures", but the beautiful designs highlighted in this article truly make these bicycles a piece of art. 


Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!



  1. That bike is fantastic! And I'm a big believer in choosing things that make everyday experiences feel a little nicer. Have a great day!

  2. Who knew a coffee brewer could be so beautiful?!

  3. oh how i've been wanting a vintage looking bicycle like this one! Almost reminds me of the one in Pee-wee's Big Adventure, lol


  4. I'd love a chemez piece in my home-ao lovely an functional!
    Hi from cambodia- have had a wonderful experience here!

  5. I'm so glad you included the bike article - so many unique and cool bikes!

  6. Love coffee made in a chemex! That bicycle is incredible! Thanks for sharing the article.


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