Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday's Best: Decadence

Today I went out for a lovely brunch with a friend whom I had not seen in a while. So this being a girly catch-up session, the hot weather and craving some refreshments we splurged at a rather nice brunch spot. Brunching is one of my favorite activities in the world but, unfortunately, it is not very popular in Costa Rica. Therefore, the opportunity to eat perfect eggs benedict while sipping on mimosas seems extra special.

In light of this splurge, I have been feeling like I want, need, a glamourous get-away or event to attend to. Since neither of these is written in my near future, I thought this Sunday's Best post should be devoted to very decadent things.

- Looking for new digs? Well the NYT is here to help. Here are some houses that you can get  for a cool $1.1 million. I am in love with the clean lines and gorgeous lighting from the Long Beach home.

- A new NY designer duo, Nieves Lavi, bring us some gorgeous designs. Flowy dresses with glamourous embellishments. 

- Of course, some decadent jewelry will go perfectly with those Nieves Lavi designs, such as these YSL four-leaf clover earrings. 

- And once you've started shopping, you might as well go all the way and get some gorgeous shades to finish off the look and MK and Ashley are here to help. The Row has their new line of sunglasses, my favorites are the round tortoise-shell ones, so chic!

- Now that you have the perfect outfit, how about a fashionable get-away to the beautiful Lake Cuomo. This hotel seems like the most splendid to enjoy high-end Italian self-indulgence, no? 

- And if all of these things seems like a bit of a stretch for your budget and/or schedule- as they do for me!- We can always enjoy a super decadent dessert without breaking the bank. The food network has some great ideas, this truffle tart is my personal pick. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that you find some way to be totally decadent this week!



  1. Ohh yummy! That truffle tart looks so amazing. Have a great Monday, darling

  2. Looks and sounds all amazing! A decadent week sounds just about right.

  3. that long beach house is gorgeous! now i just need to find a way to get my hands on a million dollars :-)

  4. Mmm.. I know I left my cool $1.1 mil somewhere :)

    Great links..I peruse the FoodNetwork as well..
    That tart has my name all over it!


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