Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cover Wars: Spring Fever!

As spring approaches -well at least for those of you in the Northern hemisphere since here in the tropics it's full on summer mode- it seems that magazine editors are also feeling the Spring Fever. Even across the pond in the oft-cloudy U.K, cover girls are looking fresh, surrounded by bright happy colors.

First up is Gwen Stefani in UK's Elle. I really like the nude dress on Gwen and those soft curls are a nice change from her usual very straight locks. It's also nice to see her wearing a different lipstick color, right?

Next up is Kate Winslet in Vogue UK sporting a super blond and super short new-do. I am really embracing this edgier hair-style on Kate and I think the minimal make-up and pink lips balance the whole look quite nicely.

So in the first magazines issues of spring, which cover girl reigns supreme?

Personally, I'm going to have to go with Ms. Winslet on this one.



  1. both really great picks! though i love kate, i'm going to have to go with gwen because the nude plus teal together are beautiful. kate looks awesome, but i think i would like another color other than black for a spring cover. really tough call though! both are beautiful!

  2. Winslet too, I love her, she's such a classy person.
    The Clean Approach

  3. I love them both but I would probably go with Kate too:) Have a lovely day, my dear

  4. Gwen Stefani has such great style but wow Kate looks really great (hehe and I rhymed).

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. I would have to agree with you. As much as love Gwen, Kate looks beautiful.

  6. Gwen looks gorgeous as always! Wow, I didn't recognize Kate Winslet at first glance. I love her short hair!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  7. I'm going to go with Gwen on this one!

  8. Love them both - love Kate's new hair, but Gwen is cool - her quirky look and It's my life the song always make me happy.
    have a wonderful weekend xox
    A xx

  9. me too! I prefer Kate as I also like her more as a person and is a true beauty.

    from longuette

  10. I like the Gwen Stefani one. The retro quality of the curls is nice on her.
    Kate Winslet's face looks a bit plastic-y, it throws off what otherwise would be a nice cover...

  11. I'm going with Kate too! She looks bold, strong and chic on the cover! And yeah, I think mixing black with bright colors look really modern and pretty :-) xoxoxoo

  12. I think Kate looks gorgeous, but hardly looks like herself.

  13. Oh dear, even though I am a Kate Winslet fan through and through, I like the softness of the Elle cover. (And who could resist a magazine's Romance Issue?)


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