Friday, February 11, 2011


When I got to work this morning I sent a message to a friend saying  "TGIF" to which he replied with "TGMR" (Thank God Mubarak Resigned), the comment- not shocking to me and really appropriate as my friend is a total political nerd- made me laugh and although I  don't usually post about political events in this little spot of the internet, the events that have taken place in Egypt over the last couple of weeks are truly inspiring. So here's hoping that this change of regime will lead to a peaceful and democratic government for the people of Egypt.

Some very wise words, which I wish the leaders of every country would always keep in mind:

And to celebrate this beautiful country some great images and decorating inspiration...

Have you ever traveled to Egypt? It's definitely somewhere I would love to go... tgif everyone and have a lovely weekend!


(images thanks to LA Times, WeheartIt


  1. it is incredibly exciting what's happened over there. one of my friends lives in yemen, and it was really educational to get the news from him vs. the US news. our media is totally wrong on just about everything. they don't seem to care about information anymore, just ratings. {oops, i'm getting on my soap box} anyway,... i have always wanted to go to egypt. it seems like such a beautiful country full of such rich history! and now, even more so.

  2. I totally agree Kim! I have a friend who is in Damascus right now and he too kept me informed about what the news said there, I can't believe we even call them "news" in the U.S when they hide and lie so much... haha now I am ranting! Hope you had a great weekend, lady :)

  3. I've always wanted to go to Egypt, it's such a culturally rich place. And I can't believe how the US media twists information so much.


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