Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday's Best: Food & Beverage Edition

Today I had one of the most simply delicious brunches: eggs, pancakes with home-made syrup, and a fruit salad at this local Costa Rican eatery in my neighborhood. My friend and I ate in their outside patio and sipped our Bloody Mary's while trying to solve a cross-word puzzle. It was such a perfect and simple way to enjoy a Sunday morning and, once again, I was reminded how much I love food! I know that sounds like an obvious thing, but  a good meal has the power to make my whole day brighter. So in light of a wonderful Sunday brunch and the U.S.D.A's release of the "new dietary guidelines", today's Sunday's Best is a celebration of wonderful food, smart chefs, and yummy drinks.

-Mark Bittman is a personal hero, I highly recommend his book "Food Matters", and this column in the NYT is another perfect example of how smart and spot on Mr. Bittman can be.

-Of course, no post about food could be complete without mentioning the amazing, Anthony Bourdain. I am a huge fan of his show as it combines traveling, food and wit. But because 1 hour a week is not enough Bourdain for me I recently started reading his blog, which is both entertaining and very informative.

-Just in time for Valentine's day, the wonderful blog Daarjeling Dreams brings us "the man cake", I cannot wait to try it!

-And while chocolate is the standard food for V-day, you will need a great drink to wash it all down, so how about taking a tip form the Museum of Sex in NY, don't worry it's just a delicious cocktail recipe...

-...If what you are looking for is more in the healthy food area, check out these new takes on a classic, granola, has never looked so appealing!

Happy Sunday!

(image thanks to NPR)


  1. one time I was in Portland with friends, waiting for another friend for a few hours, and we played checkers together in a cafe until she was done. simple, but amazing and really fun. sometimes the lazy days are the best.

  2. Let me tell you that Darjeeling Dreams' Guinness chocolate cake is fantastic when paired with a Bailey's whipped cream frosting; it's one of my favorite dessert repertoire pieces. And that granola looks good. I'm pondering why I don't have any in the house. Time to make some, I guess.
    Happy Valentine's Day, my dear! Hope you have a fantastic one.

  3. Thanks Brandi! Happy V-day to you too :) I swear my mouth started watering when I read
    "Guinness chocolate cake paired with a Bailey's whipped cream frosting"... I must try it!

  4. Holy! I'm a Bourdain fan and I NEVER knew he had a blog. Thank you thank you thank you! Must check it out now!

  5. Me again :) So apparently, Bourdain's had it for a while and does write a good paragraph (who am I kidding.. a good essay actually!) or two about the highs and lows of his work. Amazing! I had to post about it right away.

    What I wanted to do (since I forgot in my last comment) is wish you a great weekend! I hope it's sunny where you are..


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