Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dream Garden.

After a weekend where 90% of my time was spent outdoors, I was reminded of what a soothing effect nature can have and that got me thinking about my "dream garden"... not just the perfect garden, but a dream garden.

There would be wildflowers everywhere.

And an extra large hammock to share with friends.

My dream garden would also have the perfect play house...

....filled with lush pillows, for a quick nap or a girls' sleep over!

And at night, tens of candles would adorn the entire place.

In short, it would be the perfect place to escape to and remember all your dreams.

What would your dream garden, room, or place be like?

Happy Tuesday,

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  1. My dream place would look more or less like this post!! I love the idea of candles all over! How soothing would that be! xoxoxoo

  2. Really awesome dream garden ideas, Pili! I definitely don't like maicured gardens and prefer them to be lush and overgrown, but my little garden like doesn't grow very fast. Sad. But i planted a camelia this last weekend and obviously consulted the big book on plants that you got me! It's sooo helpful!

  3. The house we sold in the US had the PERFECT hammock in the world. I loved that thing. I think I kept it but it's in storage somewhere. I love them!!! P.S. yah I'm having troubles with the header thing, grrr.

  4. i love love love this!! what a magical garden you would have and i would love one just like it please. ;)

  5. I am in love with this entire concept from beginning to end. The ultimate tree house with a hippy vibe in a serene garden that I could tend and keep alive. Now this is a dream!



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