Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cover Wars: Black two ways

As the March fashion covers start coming out I noticed a lot of bold colors, such as Katy Perry in U.S Elle or  Rosie in the all-red U.K Vogue cover, however my two favorite covers for March include two leading ladies in stark-black outfits.

Up first is Keira Knightley, shot by Tom Ford for U.K Elle:
I love that Keira is really model-ish in this picture and the sleek and edgy outfit is exactly what you would expect, and want, from a Tom Ford shot. All in all, a great cover in my opinion.

Up next is Mila Kunis in W Magazine:
I really like Mila, she seems relaxed compared to most Hollywood "it girls" and like a fun girl to hang out with. And, I really love her on this cover, the pink bra is a nice way to add some frilliness to an otherwise very severe styling.

This is a very close call, but I think I am going to vote for Mila. Sorry Mr. Ford, you are still one of the sexiest designer out there though!

Who's your pick?



  1. I love Mila. And after seeing Black Swan, my love for her is even bigger! What a diverse actress. She can do comedy well + drama. So pretty! :)

  2. Wow, great covers! I'm going to have to vote for the Mila cover too. Keira looks great, but the touch of pink within the dramatic black just screams oscar winning black swan.

  3. i love how dramatic they are... great images!

  4. i'm with you on mila for the win. the overly thin thing is scary.

  5. mila, definitely. the elle cover is gorgeous, but i love the feathers on mila. it adds a little messiness that i really like.

  6. Oh, decisions, decision! I love the Elle cover. It just captures that classy black-and-white feeling a bit more I think. And that's the type of feeling I love.


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