Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"You know you love me"...

So the last couple of days I have been catching up on "Gossip Girl", yes it is a total guilty pleasure for me! And while I must admit that I find the  over-the-top story lines really entertaining, the main attraction for me are the clothes (and Chuck Bass's serious pout, it makes me L.O.L).

It is hard to say who reigns supreme in terms of fashion in this fictional Upper East Side world. But lets take a look at the leading ladies.

Up first, Mrs. Blair Waldorf: she is the quintessential preppy, classic upper-east-sider. While some of her outfits are way too prep for me, I would wear many of her pieces styled differently. For example, the dress in the first picture with a high ponytail and some funky flats and sans neck tie! Or the gorgeous blouse on picture # 2 worn with skinny black trousers. But, I think, where Blair truly shines is at black-tie events as evidences by the amazing Oscar de la Renta dress in the picture #3. So gorgeous!

And then, Ms. Serena Van der Woodsen: It is undeniable that Serena (or rather Blake Lively) has an amazing body, but is it truly necessary to dress her in so many low cut, tight and short ensembles? I think not! Therefore I rather like when Serena wears more down to earth outfits. Picture #1 is the perfect example of this, she really looks like a girl going heading to class in a spring day and you can still tell she has a great figure. I love the mix of two different shiny stripped pieces in picture # 2, and pairing the outfit with a loose jean jacket makes it more appropriate for the daytime. Lastly, picture #3 is one of the rare occasions where S. is dressed for nighttime without putting all her lady bits out in display...so much classier!

Interestingly enough, I am not fond of Vanessa's outfits most of the time, although, my personal look is much more of that boho-chic than Blair's preppyness or Serena's sexpot style. However, I feel Vanesa's styling is often "off", too much eyeliner, too many beaded necklaces at once and too expensive looking to have that artsy feel.

Who do you choose as your Queen Bee in regards to fashion inspiration, whether  she be a character from your favorite show or a real life person?



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