Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cover Wars: Opposites Attract

Two of my favorite covers from December are pretty much polar opposites.

First up: Emma Watson in Marie Clare, looking lovely in all white.... and of course, that gorgeous haircut! It is a hard style to pull off but I think Emma wears it wonderfully. I also love that she does not allow stylist to just "sex her up" in order to be shocking. Overall, I love the simplicity and prettiness of this cover.

Up next: Rihanna for Interview magazine. The cover is very flashy: all colors, the bright flowers and Ri-Ri's accessories (I love those shades!)

Two very different covers for two very different ladies, for all Rihanna's OTT outfits you have 5 demure Emma looks... So, for you, who wins this Cover War?



  1. it's tough, but i have to go with emma. she's just so chic and gorgeous with her new short haircut! love it.

  2. i love her new short do... very cute!

  3. The Rihanna cover is interesting but all flashy and I am not a fan of hers, but the Emma Watson cover is elegant yet cute.


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