Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday's Best: First of 2012

This marks my first "Sunday's Best" post of 2012, and I decided to open the series this year with a random array of links related to things I love: some art, some food, a great cause and, of course, a little travel.

- I love the colors and dry wit of this Brooklyn artist.
- Lets save some sea creatures! (and get some beautiful art in the process)
- A new find this week: Pepper Sprouts Designs. One of my favorite things are the writeable cheese markers, perfect for a dinner party...
-... speaking of food, don't know what to do with that day-old-bread? Try one of these recipes.
- And by far my favorite find this week: a new "porn" site. Please head to Cabinporn to be amazed. (trust me it is 0% nudity and 100% beautiful places)



  1. when i'm organised i freeze stale bread and then make bread pudding from it. delish!


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