Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday's Best: Make it pretty

Little over a month ago I decided to extend my contract and stay in Costa Rica for another year meaning that my apartment will remain my home for another twelve-months. And lately, I have been thinking of how to make it more "me". While I love the place -with its lovely pool and glorious vegetation, the open floor plan and light- as it may happen with most furnished places, it lacks some of my own personal aesthetic. So this week Sunday's Best features some decorating ideas that I stumbled upon on the internet to help make four walls pretty and make it home.

I love the prints from this etsy store... (specially the one pictured above) well as these whimsical prints from English Muffin, and although they are intended for children's rooms I certainly wouldn't mind owning a few of them.

This article from Elle Decor really opened my eyes to wall paper and wall stickers, yes these are chic and beautiful, nothing like those often seen on college dorm rooms. My favorites here and here

Of course, a more economical and less permanent way to bring something light and pretty to your home is through flowers, let the home decor queen teach you some tips for gorgeous flower arrangements. 

And lastly, why not share something pretty with a friend and surprise them a hand-written card? Papermash has cards for very special occasions, but also to say a simple: Bonjour

Any easy decorating ideas or inspiration you want to share?

(images here and here)


  1. i would love to see some pics of your apt, it sounds amazing!

  2. I didn't realize you were in costa rica! Your apartment sounds beautiful and I love that first print!

  3. These are great tips!! Those all stickers are crazy awesome!

  4. it's amazing what a few prints/photos on the wall can do to a place.
    would love to see photos of your apartment!

  5. i love these pics , especially the first one!!it is super cute!!!amazing blog

  6. I am TERRIBLE at decorating. I've always lived in places where I couldn't put things on the walls or anything. most of my decorating is baking things in the kitchen until it feels like home.

  7. I think decorating with art you love and a few items that mean the most to you are the best ways to make a space feel like your own. How cool that you're staying on for another year!

  8. congrats on your decision to extend your stay! i'm in the midst of getting a handle on my apt. here's wishing us both luck :)


  9. I just blow up my own photos :)

  10. aw the english muffin shop has so many cute things! i don't kids, but i'd still buy some of those prints. can you hang some shelves? if so, you can place interesting pieces on them {for example, if you like nature, you can set some driftwood, stones, moss, etc.}. my only real advice is to make sure it's exactly what YOU want it to look/feel like when you get home after a long day of work.

  11. Great post! I loved checking out your links. I've recently become obsessed with a local thrift store's antique wares -- so gorgeous and at great prices! xo style, she wrote

  12. Congratulations Pilar on another year there! Costa Rica sounds lovely.

    And yes, definitely make it more personable! Thanks for introducing me to papermash. Such cute products!


  13. Congrats! I love the links and ideas. Flowers are my favorite way of making a space my own. Even on vacation I pick up a bunch for the room. Just feels pretty.


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