Thursday, October 6, 2011

Art & Fashion/ Fashion & Art

I find it fascinating how different modes of art can inspire and draw elements from each other, for example the influence of music movements on the fashion industry has been an ongoing for decades. However, at this year's Spring/Summer fashion weeks it seems that designers were finding their inspiration in some of the most influential painters in history. Whether through a literal translation or a looser influence art and fashion truly came together this season. 

So pretty and whimsical, no?

Burberry reinvents its classics with a strong color palette 
reminiscent of Rothko's paintings.

Who knew cubism could be so chic?

(images from instyle and wikipedia)


  1. These combinations are so perfect, and wonderfully clever!

  2. Cool reflective post sweetie!

    I think everything in life is connected with art :-))).

  3. one of my fave things is hearing about artists/designers insp. where it comes from and how they incorporate it into their own visionary completions. these ones you've worked on are fab lades! totally ace share. ♥

    pea ess: thanks for the lovely link-up, i'm honored!

  4. These are such great examples. I do love the colors Rodarte pulled for this collection. Jil Sander's artistic references give off such a great smart-girl vibe. A little different than what we've been seeing. Love these looks!

  5. i always love the post with fashion and art in them - definitely portrays how similar they are!

  6. This is SO cool! I especially love the Rothko-Burberry Porsum comparison!

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  8. the van gough is definitely my favorite - so awesome!!

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