Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday's Best: International Inspiration

One of the reasons that led me to start blogging was to have a small place to "jot down" beautiful inspiring images, designs, and styles from around the world. I just love seeing how different cultures and world spaces influence everything from architecture to a beach bag. This week's links draw on that international inspiration whether it be cooking recipes to exquisite hotel rooms across the globe.

- My favorite find of the week were these three videos (Move, Eat, Learn) which I first spotted at Amarillo y Crema, and totally made me itch to travel and explore once more.
- Corn is a great  American grilling/bbq  staple, but these delicious recipes inspired in East Indian cuisine breathe new life in to this simple ingredient.
- I love a good make-over story, and the brothels to boutiques make-over of this Madrid neighborhood is really making me want to visit my birth-city asap!
- The lovely online shop, Deep Dark Africa,  has great finds for your home and closet and, as a major plus, sells only hand-made products made by local artisans (first seen here).
- These three amazing hotel rooms are great examples of how location affects style and decor. I would love to spend a night (or more!) in any of the exquisitely decorated hotels.



  1. Thanks for including me in your links! I, too, love how blogging has helped me keep track of and organize what inspires me. And realize little things that make me happy! On a somewhat unrelated note, I love following your blog! Thanks for taking the time to share :).

  2. this room looks so tranquil...what a great find. really love your blog's international focus, pili!

  3. Those Move, Eat, Learn videos are everywhere, ha! For good reason.. I had to share them, too. That NPR article made me super hungry. And I love the items in the Deep Dark Africa shop!


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