Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fashion and Fairytales...

Although Costa Rica is not a place where the traditional changing of the seasons really happens, a string of cooler days and nights has me thinking about fall, and particularly, the influence that fairytales have had in some of the last collections.

I love the colors of Cacharel's fall collection, the combination of the color palette, the shape of the dresses and adorable little hats sort of remind me of cute little gnomes.

I really, really want one of this "witchy" outfits from one of my favorite designers, Celine, I love the simple lines of the dresses and the striking over-sized belt... An awesome take on the Wicked Witch of the West, no?

Are you looking forward to some fall-wear or still craving simple summery looks?

(all images here)


  1. woah, i like those! so interesting. a few weeks ago i was craving winter and all my sweaters, boots, & scarves. it's going to be hot for a while though and i've swung back around to loving my summer dresses. i definitely haven't worn them enough this year yet.

  2. Very interesting ;) really like the green dress, which is probably the only one I would wear on a daily basis out of those. But i still like them ;)

  3. I love these looks!! there is something pretty awesome about that huge belt!

  4. pretty looks! you know how to find them. i'm definitely in fall mode transition...really like that wicked witch of the west ensemble!

  5. Definitely can't wait for Fall! I was just staring in the mirror agonizing over my lack of Summer tan (where did Summer go before I even got the chance to get one??). No matter, put it under wraps and embrace Fall!!! They are very simple and pretty.

  6. I feel like I am stuck in the middle of wanting to hang on to summer, but loving fall too!


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