Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday's Best: Summer Wander Lust and more Potter

Although I currently live in a beautiful country which most would love to visit as a summer destination (Costa Rica), lately, I have been feeling a bit stir crazy, the old travel bug itching and the lust to go somewhere new has really kicked in. So I found myself traveling the world through my computer and, of course. Besides that, after seeing the last Harry Potter movie I also scourged the net for all things Potter related, the end of the series was definitely bitter-sweet so I needed a little more Potter in my life. So here are my dream summer locales and a few fun H.P related links. Enjoy!

- Island, sun, nightlife and amazing food this is exactly what I want from a summer get-a-way and Majorca has all of it and more (including amazing art by Miro)

- For a more relaxing and meditative vacation this literary inspired trip to the Yucatan sounds amazing!

- Although Berlin does not immediately pop into my head as a summer destination, this city sounds too fascinating to miss out on, plus by going in the summer one can avoid the dreadful German winter!

This Rolling Stone, Rock Stars that look Like Wizards article really made me laugh out loud. Willie Nelson makes for a wonderful Dumbledore, right?

- Harry Potter inspired drinks, need a say more? Check them out here

- Lastly, if you are (like me) feeling a little sad and nostalgic over the ending of H.P this "Best of Harry Potter" re-run is exactly what you may need. 

(cliffs in Majorca, NYT)

Did you see the last Harry Potter movie? love it, or not? And are any fun vacations on your summer horizon?



  1. I know what you mean, I feel like getting out and traveling all over. It feels like more than an itch at this point, ha! And I've really been wanting to go to Berlin, too.. I've heard so many great things about it!

  2. mark and i are trying to decide somewhere to go in august..mallorca might be the one!

  3. Totally read every one of those links - that rockstars who look like wizards article is awesome. I saw the movie on Friday, was sad they strayed away from the book in some parts (but I always feel that way), but ultimately never wanted it to end. So sad to say goodbye.

  4. Awww that Harry Potter slideshow is so sweet :-) I just saw the movie last night and it totally lived up to my expectations - amazing!


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