Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday's Best: Fierce Femmes & Summer Style Edition

Lately,  I have been looking for sources of inspiration for my summer style and this has led me to surf the internet searching for some of my favorite female personalities. Hence, this Sunday's post is all about some great fun and fearless femmes and inspiration for a summer wardrobe.

- I am a big fan of America's First Lady, and on her recent visit to South Africa Mrs. O even got down on the floor and did some push ups, check it out here... and if you want an in-depth look at Mrs. O wardrobe and style this is the perfect site.
- The always funny Garance Dore poses a great question in this post... as summer is the season for short skirts I will keep this in mind before buying too-short skirts!
- Nicole Richie is one of my favorite celebrities because she managed to really turn over a new leaf and her personal style is amazing, this fun video of her dance-off made me love her even more!
- One item that is definitely on my "must-have" list is a breezy maxi-dress perfect for drinks during a hot summer night outing. Fashionologie has compiled a list of gorgeous choices here.
 - My other must-have for the summer is a red-centric outfit, inspired by the lovely Diane Krueger. The simple high bun is perfect for this look, no?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



  1. wow, go michelle obama!! she's such an awesome first lady. and i love that post on too-short skirts. i definitely don't like feeling whatever i'm sitting on, so my skirts/dresses are never that short. i'm also pretty clumsy and i have a fear of showing off my unmentionables during a very un-ladylike movement. :)

  2. The video of Nicole Richie is hilarious - what a fun lady :-)

  3. this is pretty inspiration pili! love a good top knot!

  4. I just clicked on all the links and have loved going through those sites. Thanks!

  5. love diane! she always dresses amazing!

  6. I love Diane too! This is a superb look for her!


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