Thursday, March 24, 2011


This seems to be a rather fashion focused week for me. First that gorgeous outfit from Giovanna, and now, a post devoted to some young fashionistas. But the truth is, beyond their fashion sense, I find the following young ladies to be quiet inspirational. Growing up in a world such as Hollywood, where everything is available at such a young age, it must be hard to stay grounded. Of course, there are endless stories of young stars getting derailed, so why not focus on those ones that  actually make headlines for the right reasons: amazing talent, great movies and a good sense of style. So turn up some Michael and enjoy some style inspiration from these pretty young things.

First up is someone that has become quite a red carpet pro: Dakota Fanning who has been walking them since she was teeny-tiny and always manages to be age appropriate and classy. For some reason all the looks I picked were short dresses, but she pulls them off so well!

Beyond the lovely choice of dresses, I really like that she keeps her look very fresh with natural make-up and ultra shiny hair! She is also quite good at the whole crossed-legged pose, no?

Next up is Emma Watson who I have a soft spot for since I am a huge Harry Potter fan. She is a nice contrast to Dakota since she often takes more risks with her look and  pulls off some pretty fashion forward outfits. The first look from the Met Gala two years ago definitely moved Emma from "sweet Hermione" to a major fashion player and ever since then she has been someone to watch out for. One of my favorite Emma looks is the vintage Ossie Clark from the second image. She does a great job at being fashionable but keeping it young, right?

Of course, I can't ignore the new haircut, I really love it! It definitely has an early 90's edge to it and the matchingy short hemline in this last look makes the stark black dress more fun. And, speaking of Emma, is anyone else achingly waiting for the last HP movie? I can't wait until July!

Lastly,  one of the newest comers to the red carpet, and from what I hear an immensely talented young lady: Hailee Steinfeld. I have a huge style crush on her. And the best way to describe Hailee's style is fun! Whether it be through eye-catching accessories, bright colors or a whimsical design, Hailee always seems to enjoy what she is wearing and compliments it with the best accessory an ear-to-ear smile.

I really commend Hailee for wearing the Prada dress (last image) at the Golden Globes and avoiding the pitfalls of many young starlets: overtly sexy or too-mature looking! In my book, Hailee has completed her first season at the red carpet with flying colors. However, I still have to see her in the big screen, I hear she was fantastic in True Grit, thoughts?

Hope everyone's week is going well and hooray for almost being Friday!


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  1. hi, i just started a new blog and was thinking maybe you could stop by? if you like it i hope you can follow!..i would really appreciate the support :-) thank you so much.

  2. Great picks! I'm a big fan of all three of them! My favorite is Emma Watson! She just seems so classy and chic all the time and I love her fashion choices! xoxoxoo

  3. oh wow, I love emma's looks a lot! i'm not sure i've seen a roundup of her all together and i'm impressed!

  4. Hi! How are you? Hope you had a fabulous week and are about to embark on an even lovelier weekend. This is a great homage to the young actresses with style and grace. I'm a fan of Emma Watson, especially after she chopped off her hair. I know she's much younger than me, but it felt like she validated my short crop. Love her youthful strength..

  5. I love that first dress Dakota is wearing!

  6. oh i love dakota & emma's style. i would wear all of those dresses!

  7. These ladies really do have such beautiful style -- and in completely their own ways. I love that individual expression the most. I can't wait to see what these three do in their careers.

  8. I totally love them both and I would wear all those dresses. Have a great Friday, sunshine


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