Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pretty & Clever.

This weekend was everything I had hoped for. I went with a friend to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, to the laid back, rugged, ultra-hippie town of Puerto Viejo. The weather was beautiful and I definetely got to flirt with adventure. We rode bikes through the beach and jungle roads, went snorkeling and even had time to make some progress on my reading list. So in light of a wonderful weekend, lets celebrate all things pretty and clever.

I love pretty things, such as warm ocean water as blue as the sky:

....and the point where the jungle reaches the ocean front:

I love clever words that bring you a positive message:

...and those that remind you of the harder lessons in life:

Any pretty things or clever words that  particularly inspire you?

(images: 1 here, 2 & 3 my own, 4 here & 5 unknown)


  1. I am a fan of your weekend!! That is awesome!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like you had a great adventure with nature :-). Right now, I'm inspired by the compassion that people have shown to the disaster in Japan! I feel that we have an obligation to help those in unfortunate situations. xxxoxoo

  3. i seriously need to take a trip to costa rica! it looks gorgeous and i've always wanted to go. i also love those quotes. the first one was displayed at my wedding, and that second one is exactly what i need to read right now. thank you for sharing!

  4. What a great weekend you had. Wow. We went to Palm Springs and I was so happy to be in the warm sun. Your pics are great and I am really inspired by the last quote you listed. It is so very true.


  5. Costa Rica sounded lovely! We came back from Cabo not too long ago and it was just glorious and serene.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on the blog and hope to get to know you better. I definitely have wander lust too (like living here on the other side of the world!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. Your weekend sounds fantastic and those photos are beautiful and dreamy. Have a great Thursday, my dear

  7. great beach shots! omg that last quote is so amazing.

  8. Hi! Just found your blog through Brandi's sweet reads. So great to find another travel blog! I thought you'd might like to know that the fourth image is from the wonderful Wheatfield: http://www.etsy.com/shop/thewheatfield

  9. Hi Eva, thank you for letting me know about the image credit. That's a lovely etsy shop! And thanks for coming by :)


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