Thursday, January 13, 2011

Smile. You are on camera!

The always inspirational Garance Dore recently posted about two big.big fashion houses featuring smiling models on their 2011 Ad Campaigns. Quite a shocker as the high end lines tend to go for the pout or that often dreadful empty-glassy eyed look. Garance's post got me looking through the new 2011 ad campaigns and I was happy to find some wonderful smiling models. So refreshing, seeing fashion houses take themselves more lightly!

This ad campaign, in my opinion, is a match made in fashion heaven, Leighton and Missoni... 
Now that's a reason to smile!

 I love how playful this image is, with the windshept hair and Malgosia's gorgeous smile. 
And those shiny black shorts, I covet them!

 Freja Beha is one of my favorite models at the moment. She is such a chameleon in front of the 
cameras and just looks like a fun girl, right?

And last, but certainly not least, Chanel (and Freja once again). I really like this whole campaign but I'm not sure I would be so giggly if someone sprayed me down while wearing that gorgeous Chanel outfit!

Hope you all have plenty of reasons to smile today :)



  1. I also love the idea of models smiling because they make me smile too! I especially Freja's smile and it's refreshing for me since I never usually see her crack a smile! xoxoxooo

  2. Aw, I like that idea too! I hope I see more smiling models :)

  3. and p.s. you are so nice for letting me know i'm in your blogroll, thank you!! I do love your blog too and always make sure to read it!

  4. These advertisements are all so wonderful -- I love seeing models smiling in photographs. It sends the right message: that we don't need to be moody to be beautiful.


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