Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Looking to the Future.

December is a wonderful yet hectic month. Putting up decorations, buying plane tickets to spend the holidays somewhere, thinking of fancy recipies and of course... all the gift buying!

I used to think buying calendars was such an impersonal and obvious gift. However, with the wonderful array of handmade calendars available at (where else!) Etsy. I think I might just change my mind about calendars.

For the nature lover: each month has snippets of 
information about a particular tree or animal.
from: Larkpress

For the young at heart. Such fun and colorful designs.
from: Malien00

For the organization freak! Dry-erase wall decals, 
such an excellent idea.

And of course, for the beach bum: beautiful 
locations around the world 
From: bomobob

Hope your holiday gift shopping is going well!



  1. Cool calendars...i really like the dry erase one! You're right, these would all bring a really personal touch as gifts.


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