Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday's Best: Inspiring Careers Edition well as a day late edition.

Yesterday was spent traveling from Costa Rica back home to California for a lighting fast trip (I am becoming a U.S citizen!) but I didn't want another week without a little Sunday post. Anywho, lately I have found myself questioning my career path beyond the usual "I don't want to keep working for a large corporate law firm" and really wondering whether the whole "law" path was the right choice. Interestingly, I keep seeing and reading articles and web-sites of people that have embarked in truly inspiring careers and created beautiful art in the process.

-Vincent Moon is, in my book, a god! And one of his latest projects Temporary Areas is a marvelous blend of travel, music and video photography... what else could I ask for?
- And if you are in need of some career inspiration, the lovely Garance Dore has been sharing her story on how she became an illustrator, I can't wait to read part 5!
- If I were to make a list of awesome jobs and the people that have them the Frugal Traveler, Seth Kugel, would be very near the top of that list... Not only is he a great travel writer, but his articles are different (check out this one on his love for signs!), humorous and endlessly enjoyable.
- Of course, no post about inspiring careers could be complete (for me at least) without some talk of food or food related careers. Check out Christina Peters portfolios for some amazing food photography. She just did PinkBerry's new campaign... I hope her contract included free samples!
-And lastly, one of the coolest artists around, Takashi Murakami  has taken over Versailles! I just love the contrast between the ornate and serious French decor and Murakami's fun and colorful pieces.

(Image thanks to: Chateau Versailles)
Striking, no?



  1. such great links!! And good luck on all the career thinking, that's the toughest...

  2. i am right there with you on the whole, "how do i turn what i love into a career?" it's a tough question and i often wonder how people get these amazing jobs like in your links. is it luck? who you know? or pure determination? still figuring it out. thanks for the links - they're quite inspiring!


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