Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wind Down: music + hot chocolate + beautiful photography.

After a grueling week at work, which included spending Saturday morning and afternoon back at the office, it's  just nice to sit down, put  relaxing music on, drink delicious hot chocolate and look at some gorgeous images (thanks to a new etsy find).

(all images thanks to: Yvette Inufio Photography)

I am loving the very young Dakota Fanning on the Rufus Wainwright video and the whimsical and peaceful feeling that Yvette's photographs inspire.



  1. oh those are gorgeous photos! i love them. and i love etsy! i hope your weekend isn't too crazy and you get some more relaxation time.

  2. I did manage to have some down time this weekend... how about you? hope the beginning of the week is going well!


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