Friday, October 8, 2010


This being my first post, I had to feature some of my current, and all time, style inspirations. To me, these three ladies embody what Coco herself once said: "fashion may fade, only style remains".

Diane Kruger might possibly be the most stylist actress at the moment, i.m.h.o. I picked up a copy of C Magazine, a glossy dedicated to California, on my way out of the U.S. It was a great read, but what really attracted me to it was the cover star! I love how simple her hair and make up are in the first image ...But of course, Ms. Kruger truly shines in the red carpet. How great is the contrast between the vampy black number and the whimsy Lacroix from the 2010 Golden Globes? 
(Image credits: C magazine / own collection/ just jared)
I picked the first two images of Penny Cruz because of their simple, approachable style. In terms of the red carpet Cruz is not always the most fashion forward star, she often sticks to black and big ball gowns, but it definitely takes a lot of confidence to pull off an all-red suit!... Plus, I must admit, being Spanish born myself, I have a soft spot for Cruz.
(Image credits: popsugar/ skinyvscurvy)
Of course, no post about style icons would be complete without at least one-half of the Olsen duo. While both twins are extremely fashion-savvy, I am more of an Ashley girl. At last year's CFDAs, wearing her own design from The Row, Ashley proved that covered up can still look young. And I just love how her casual looks can go from polished to boho-chic. Honestly, peeking into her closet would be a dream come true!
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