Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday's Best.

So a mere half hour ago I received a call and found out I have to be at work really early tomorrow morning and this piece of news came in as I was enjoying some wine drinking with a friend... A major  let down during some delicious Sauvignon Blanc tasting!

But as soon as I got home I was looking forward to writing down my favorite (web-related) things from this week, so here they are:

- I really wish I could have been at the "Rally to Restore Sanity" this weekend. Since attending was kind of impossible this sign recap really made me lough out loud
- Further proof that art and inspiration can be found anywhere: Subway Art History Project
- One more article from the NYT, because they feature the most amazing houses!
-From one of my favorite sites out there comes Karl Laggerfeld's bookshelf (slash library!)
- And speaking of bookshelf/libraries I think Restoration Hardware create my dream one:

I simply adore the rustic feel of it... and that map! Siiigh, I am such a nerd, I love maps.



  1. I love those subway art history photos so much!

  2. What a fantastic room! I love the books, the ladders, the map... The chair is a bit odd in my opinion -- something about it doesn't seem quite right. But everything else, I adore.


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