Saturday, October 16, 2010

Spring/Summer 2011: Red Carpet Looks

To me, the end of fashion week(s) always feels like the night after Thanksgiving dinner; entirely satisfied but also completely stuffed! And of course, now that the shows are over comes the fun part: pretending to dress up celebrities and guessing which looks will make it to the red carpet. Here are some of my choices:

Premieres, Events ...Etc:
This is such a beautiful and ethereal look. I could really see Rachel Bilson or Rachel McAdams wearing this, since it fits their romantic and girly aesthetic pretty well and paired with some killer heels it would be perfect for a premiere.

J Mendell had a wonderful collection this year and I think celebrities will be eager to wear these looks. Ever since Blake Lively started hanging out with the Queen and King of fashion (Wintour and Lagerfeld) her style has really improved. She has gone from too much cleavage, legs and tightness to seriously chic outfits. For that reason, I think this really bright eye-catching, yet covered-up look would be such a wonderful choice for Blake. Fingers crossed she doesn't go back tot this

This Alexander Berandi dress is so simple and classic, but the off-the-shoulder cut and form-fitting shape makes it contemporary and sexy. I think it has Cameron Diaz written all over it, after all, she loves showing off her legs but she is still a pretty "classic" dressing celeb, so bold stripes plus short length would fit her like a glove. 

And since I devoted a previous image to her castmate, I will turn my attention to my favorite Gossip Girl character/actress: Blair Waldorf/Leighton Meester. For a while, Leighton was really into the whole daring looking (aka cheap looking), rock & roll aesthetic ( while she was promoting her album), but hopefully she has given up on that and will now concentrate on her acting career and a better wardrobe. I think this Giambattista Balli dress is the right combination of sweet and spice. Plus the nude color will go wonderfully with her skin, while the orange details provide a nice pop. Lets hope for a return of the stylish Leighton!

Awards Season:
I am really hoping that this awards season celebs will be a bit more daring with their fashion choices (last year's Oscars were filled with navy and black!). And what could be better than a little Dior plus Diane Kruger. From my first post, it is quite clear that I am a big fan of Ms. Kruger and I think this gown has some nice vintage looking details while still being a bit unexpected, which makes it perfect for Diane!

This Bagdley Mischka gown is the epitome of chic understatement. I think some of the classier, young celebrities would look beautiful in this gown, such as: Anne Hathaway or Emma Watson. Both of them are pretty fair skinned. yet they look beautiful wearing skinned toned outfits, plus the loose silhouette and the way in which the fabric moves with the wearer makes this dress simply romantic and a sure hit for those two leading ladies.

I loved Erdem's collection, it remainded me of a beautiful garden! And I hope celebrities will take the flowery designs into the red carpet. I would particularly love to see this cream and green colored dress on Maggie Gyllenhaal. I think the floral motif goes well with her hippie-bohemian style and she has always gone for the less traveled here's to Maggie choosing Erdem for one of the big award shows!

And lastly, this was the easiest dress to "match" to a celebrity, the instant I saw it I thought: Nicole Richie. This Valentino gown is delightful! It seems so comfortable yet sophisticated. I think it fits Nicole's Cali-boho yet fashion forward aesthetic, plus the rich red color would look beautiful with her darker locks. I would die to have this dress in my closet!

Any S/S 2011 looks you would like to see in the red carpet?

(all images thanks to NYmag)

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