Monday, October 11, 2010


A little over a month ago, I moved... to a new country. Although I'm somewhat used to moving around by now, any relocation means a lot of change. This particular move has meant starting a new job, living alone for the first time (I've always had a roommate!) and learning the in-and-outs of a new city and a different culture. Although I'm enjoying my new lifestyle, it always helps finding comfort in classic and familiar things.

Glossy favorites: VF and Vogue, the best place to jot down things: 
Moleskin notebooks and a super soft blankie, gifted from Pottery Barn

My go-to jewelry: a man's oversized watch ESQ Swiss, gift from my father.
And three small family heirlooms: a stamp-ring from my grandfather's
15th birthday, pearl ring from my grandmother and belt-bow ring from my mother. 
It certainly helps keeping home close to you by wearing the family jewels :)

Painter jeans (I know people call them boyfriend's jeans, but I like the
term painter jeans much better!) from the Gap. This jeans are the 
softest denim ever! And large Rayban Wayfers... an all american pair!



  1. A whole new country? That can really be overwhelming -- it's definitely good to have those little reminders of home there. For me, it's all about finding the foods I recognize and love. Hope adjusting is going well.

  2. I agree, food is such a comfort when you are away from home...thanks for the post :)


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